Preservice Teacher Poster Session – This Thursday 3:30 to 4:30 at the WMC Annual Conference in Greenlake

This Thursday (5-2) 15 students from UW-Milwaukee and UW-La Crosse will be presenting their research at the 3rd Annual WI-AMTE Poster Session. Please come to see if their awesome work if you are available!

Dynamic Discussion 2: Differentiation, Intervention, Remediation

We will be hosting our second dynamic discussion on Tuesday (2-19) at 7 PM at

We are going to be joined by a couple of educational leader in the area of differentiation, intervention, and remediation.

We invite participants to consider and bring answers to the questions: What have you tried in terms of differentiation/remediation/intervention that has been successful?  What has failed?  (If you have examples you would like to share, you can email them to me in advance if you wish.)

We look forward to an exciting and informative discussion on Tuesday.

Dynamic Discussions of Teaching Mathematics

WI-AMTE will be holding our first Dynamic Discussion of Teaching Mathematics at 8 PM CST on January 15th, 2019.  This will be a fast paced-sixty minutes of sharing research-based teaching practices – give us an hour and we’ll give you something exciting to try in your classroom the next day!

The session will focus on problem solving strategies and provide educators with a platform to share ideas and instructional strategies.  The idea is to have open forum for people to network from across the state.   We encourage people to bring their own resources to share with the group.

We will be meeting via Zoom ( to discuss problem solving strategies used in the classroom.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  If you know of any fellow educators who would be interested in joining, please let them know about this meeting.

You can find the resources for our Dynamic Discussions on this page.

Catalyzing Change Book Study

WI-AMTE and WMC are excited to be offering a book study on Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics. Meetings will be held on Tuesdays in October from 4-5. Registration is $20 with a copy of the book and $5 if you already have a copy of the text. Additionally, it is free for all preservice teachers. Space is limited so sign up soon! For more information and registration visit: