Call for Nominations

It is once again time for nominations for the WI-AMTE Board of Directors! Please nominate someone else or yourself by completing this online nomination form by September 6, 2022.

The board is entertaining nominations this year for two positions with a 3-year term (running October 2022 to October 2025).

Serving on the WI-AMTE board involves a three-year commitment to participate in monthly electronic meetings and the business meeting at the annual WI-AMTE conference. The main role of the board is to provide guidance for decisions related to direction for the organization.

This past year was an exciting one for WI-AMTE. We held our very first WI-AMTE Annual Conference with the theme of reigniting math teacher education in Wisconsin, a Dynamic Discussion of Mathematics on the topic of mentoring, a statewide Book Study on invigorating high school mathematics, and a series of special sessions at the Wisconsin Mathematics Council conference in Green Lake.

This year we plan to build on this momentum with a goal of fostering strong partnerships between higher education and K-12 schools. We’d love to have your voice as a part of the process! We are particularly seeking nominees who are enthusiastic about WI-AMTE and interested in seeing the organization grow, and those that contribute a K-12 perspective to the board, such as K-12 math teachers, coaches and coordinators. 

Please nominate someone else or yourself by completing the following form

All nominees will be contacted to confirm their nomination, asked to provide a picture of themselves, and submit a short description (max 200 word) of their interests and qualifications.

Information about nominees will be posted on our website and publicized to the membership by Sept 26.

The elections will be held electronically starting Sept 26 with the results announced at the business meeting at the WI-AMTE Annual Conference on Oct 26.

We look forward to receiving your nominations!