WI Math CNECT Ignite Session

We’d like to announce our 2023-24 academic year kick-off event for WI Math CNECT.  Our focus will be getting to know each other and talk about the upcoming year. 

WI Math CNECT Ignite Session

  • Wednesday August 23, 7-8 pm
  • Virtually over Zoom

We have invited several exemplary and award-winning math teachers from around the state to join us to give us their best advice on starting your career teaching math. We plan to have a mix of elementary and secondary teachers, as well as veteran and early-careers joining us. Each will get just 2-3 minutes to run through their best advice, and then we’ll have some break-out sessions where you can chat with these teachers.

Our “celebrity guest teachers” will include:

  • Melissa Sperle, 5th grade teacher, Lancaster Community Schools
  • Katelyn Winkel-Simmerman, Middle School Math Teacher, Cedar Grove-Belgium MS (and 2023 DPI WI Teacher of the Year!)
  • Mel Jemiola, High School math teacher, Sun Prairie HS
  • Dave Benz, High School Math Teacher, Golda Meir School in Milwaukee

This will be a fun way to build up each other’s energy and connect as we prepare for fall and the creation of a support network within our first few years teaching.

More information will follow on our WI Math CNECT page for more information!

We hope you can join us on August 23 at 7:00 pm!

Resources from the WI-AMTE Partner Sessions at the WMC Annual Conference in Green Lake, May 4, 2023

Bringing Mathematical Practices into Your Classroom, Lynn Schaal, New London Middle School.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice identify eight practices that outline behaviors of mathematically proficient students. This presentation will highlight strategies that are designed to encourage student exploration and discovery, and give students ownership of the mathematics. These strategies not only develop a deeper understanding of the math, but it increases students’ understanding and engagement. Presentation Slides (Movie). Links in the presentation: Achieve the Core, Google Doc with links to Sites with Rich Tasks, and Standards for Mathematical Practices Progression through Grade Levels.

Developing Math Coaching Practices, Erin Edgington, UW Platteville

This session will examine effective math coaching practices through the lens of current research and classroom experiences. Participants will have the opportunity to hone their skills through interactive discussions and to obtain strategies they can use immediately in their work. Presentation Slides

Why Does a High School Math Teacher Candidate Need to Know Elementary School Mathematics Deeply? Matthew Chedister, UW La Crosse

Often our secondary candidates are singularly focused on the math they will encounter in their classrooms but we argue that is not enough. We will discuss why it is critical for them to understand all levels of math deeply as they consider how concepts develop and what are the foundations that a strong mathematical understanding is built on. We will also discuss how we can restructure preservice programs to make this vision possible. Presentations Slides to appear soon. Presentation Slides.