A Community for New and Early Career Teachers

WI Math CNECT (Community for New and Early Career Teachers) is designed to address questions and challenges of beginning K-12 mathematics teachers. Our mission is to support you as you navigate your first years of teaching.

This group will provide a space for new and early career math teachers to share both struggles and successes, get access to resources and advice from CNECT program mentors, and be part of a community of social and professional support.

During the 2023-24 school year we will hold monthly online support meetings that will include discussion of teaching issues, sharing of effective strategies, and opportunities for fun and relaxed social interaction.

WI Math CNECT is a joint project of the Wisconsin Mathematics Council and the Wisconsin Association for Mathematics Teachers Educators. The project leaders are Matt Chedister (UW Lacrosse), and Lori Williams (retired from Manitowoc School District).

Join Us!

To join WI Math CNECT, please fill in this Google Sign-up Form at https://forms.gle/MwH1Vqnci4ogp7nW7

Also please take this member survey about how WI Math CNECT can best serve you, and what the best times are for you to attend WI Math CNECT meetings.

For more information, contact Matt via email: mchedister at uwlax.edu

WI Math CNECT Ignite Session

  • WI Math CNECT Ignite Session
  • Wednesday August 23, 7-8 pm
  • Held virtually over Zoom.

The focus of this event was getting to know each other and talk about the upcoming year.  We invited several exemplary and award-winning math teachers from around the state to join us to give us their best advice on starting your career teaching math. We had a mix of elementary and secondary teachers, as well as veteran and early-careers joining us. Each got just 2-3 minutes to run through their best advice, and then we had some break-out sessions where you we could chat with these teachers.

Thanks so much to ur “celebrity guest teachers”, who included:

  • Melissa Sperle, 5th grade teacher, Lancaster Community Schools
  • Katelyn Winkel-Simmerman, Middle School Math Teacher, Cedar Grove-Belgium MS (and 2023 DPI WI Teacher of the Year!)
  • Mel Jemiola, High School math teacher, Sun Prairie HS
  • Dave Benz, High School Math Teacher, Golda Meir School in Milwaukee

Some takeaways from this event:

  • The 14 minute video of the advice from our celebrity guest teachers . (Unfornately Jen’s great introduction of our first guest, Melissa, wasn’t recorded).
  • Some of the “Excitements” and “Challenges” about the upcoming year shared by participants:
    • Julie Zillmer: I am excited to learn how to best promote growth and love for numbers in my math class. A challenge is having six IEP students in my class. (6/15)
    • Kelsey Vosters: a “fresh start” always excites me; new opportunities to set an amazing tone for the year. One challenge I anticipate for this year is implementing some new ideas (from Building Thinking Classrooms!) and being okay with trying new things and letting go of (most) control 🙂
    • Mel Jemiola: I am both excited and challenged by a new set of courses, including my first AP course.
    • Nyamekye Kwame Jnr: I am excited about the opportunity to work with my students and a bit anxious about being able to meeting the expectations of the role as it is a a new role with no blueprints to follow.
  • A resource shared in the chat:
  • The Google Form for giving feedback to the CNECT facilitators and requests for future meetings.

WI Math CNECT Lunch and Learn

WI Math CNECT held a luncheon session titled “A Professional Development Program for New WI Math Teachers” at the 2023 WMC Annual Conference in Green Lake on Thursday May 4.

Presenting at this session were: Lisa Hennessy (president@wismath.org), Jen Szydlik (szydlk@uwosh.edu), Eric Kuennen (kuennene@uwosh.edu), and Lynn Schaal (lschaal@newlondon.k12.wi.us).

Here’s some of the “takeaways” from that event: