Upcoming WI Math CNECT Schedule

Spring Seminars

All seminars are one hour sessions on zoom built around a critical topic. The spring schedule will be:

WI Math CNECT at the WMC Conference

The WMC Annual Conference is the culminating professional development event of the academic year and great place for an early career to begin building their mathematical teacher toolbox. This year, WI Math CNECT will host two events:

WI Math CNECT Lunch and Learn (Date and Time TBD) Early career teachers will have an opportunity to meet, trade contact information, and discussing their experiences in a fun, relaxed (and appetizing) environment.

WI Math CNECT Scavenger Hunt (Prizes drawn on Thursday Afternoon!) The WMC Conference offers so many great resources it can be hard to catch all the important ideas. We invite all early career teachers to take our challenge and gain all that the conference has to offer (plus their prizes for all who complete the challenge!)