Dynamic Discussions on Mathematics Coaching to Strengthen Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Practice, and Beliefs

Are you dedicated to NCTM’s Vision that “each and every student has access to the highest quality mathematics teaching and learning”? Do you wish that you had a network of colleagues to discuss your work as a math coach, math leader, or math educator, as you partner with other teachers to carry out this vision? 

If this is a topic you are interested in exploring, we invite you to our Dynamic Discussion Series on Mathematics Coaching to Strengthen Content Knowledge, Pedagogical Practice, and Beliefs. 

We will be revisiting and continuing the discussion we had at the WMC Conference on the 8 shifts that support learning opportunities. The discussions will explore mathematics coaching from three angles: coaching to strengthen mathematics content knowledge, coaching to change instructional practice, and coaching to develop beliefs and a common vision that supports student success. While coaching is a model for these goals, we welcome all mathematics educators who are interested in exploring this topic.

Erin Edgington (UW-Platteville)
Matt Chedister (UW La Crosse)
Lynn Schaal (New London Schools)

To sign up: https://forms.gle/d6BeGSUDm3bycAu26

Format: Online (We will send you a Zoom Link after you sign up on theGoogle Form)

Time: 7:00 – 8:00 pm CST on the following Tuesdays:

September 20 Shift 1:From stating-a-standard toward communicating expectations for learning)

October 18 Shift 2: From routine tasks toward reasoning tasks, and Shift 3: From teaching about representations toward teaching through representations

November 15 Shift 4: From show-and-tell toward share-and-compare

January 17 Shift 5: From questions that seek expected answers toward questions that illuminate and deepen student understanding, and Shift 6: From teaching so that students replicate procedures toward teaching so that students select efficient strategies.

February 21 Shift 7: From mathematics-made-easy toward mathematic-takes-time, and Shift 8: From looking at correct answers toward looking for students’ thinking.

March 21: Jigsaw Activities and Goals Moving Forward

You needn’t be a WI-AMTE member to join these dynamic discussions. You also needn’t attend all of the discussions in the series. Join us when you can. All are welcome!