Write for the Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics

Please consider writing for the Wisconsin Math Council’s journal Wisconsin Teacher of Mathematics. The journal is looking for articles that explore wonder, joy, and beauty in both mathematics and the teaching of mathematics. This includes:

  • Present engaging tasks that can be implemented in the Pk–12 classroom.
  • Connect mathematics education research and theory to classroom practice.
  • Showcase innovative uses of technology in the classroom.
  • Focus on work with preservice teachers in the field.
  • Discuss current issues or trends in mathematics education

To be considered for the fall journal, please submit by October 15th and for the spring journal, please submit by March 15th. Journal articles should be around 6 typed pages (although lengths can vary) and can include links to online materials. Questions or submissions can be directed to mchedister@uwlax.edu or wmc@wismath.org. For more information, click here.

Catalyzing Change Book Study

WMC and WI-AMTE will be hosting a book study on the Catalyzing Change Book Series focusing specifically on the Elementary and Middle School Texts. There will be breakout sessions specifically focused on each book for in-depth study.

An official sign up page with cost is coming soon. If you are interested in possibly participating or have questions, please consider filling out the form at: https://forms.gle/DSEf7azYPVkFU6Kf9

WI-AMTE 2020 Nominations for Elections

It is once again time for nominations for the WI AMTE Board of Directors. Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague. Serving on the WI AMTE board involves a three-year commitment to participate in monthly electronic meetings and the business meeting at the annual conference at the Green Lake Mathematics Conference. The main role of the board is to provide guidance for decisions related to direction for the organization. 
The board is entertaining nominations this year for two 3-year terms running September 2020-August 2023.  We are particularly interested in nominees who are enthusiastic about WI-AMTE and interested in seeing the organization grow. 
Please nominate someone else or yourself by completing the following form by August 18, 2020:  https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=8rm4Fr33GkO3OdSUKOJjFtFH0TD1B1FEpRzSFTymzHtUMzlOM1NFQk9CMFY4MURQSEVFSUNGT1NBSi4u

All nominees will be contacted to confirm their nomination, asked to provide a picture of themselves, and submit a short description (max 200 word) of their interests and qualifications. Information about nominees will be posted online at https://www.wiamte.org/ and publicized to the membership. The election will be held electronically from September 1-15, 2020. 
We look forward to receiving your nominations!

WI-AMTE Paper Study: Classroom Ideas for Supporting Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching.

WI-AMTE is excited to host its second paper talk from articles from The Mathematics Enthusiast special issue Support Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Knowledge and Practice for Teaching Content to Prospective (Grade K-8) Teachers.  The paper talk will be on May 27th at 7 PM at https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89984964719.

This month we will be focusing on Eric Kuennen and John Beam’s work Teaching the Mathematics that Teachers Need to Know: Classroom Ideas for Supporting Prospective Elementary Teachers’ Development of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching.  The authors will join us to describe how to engage preservice teachers “in problem solving as a means of making sense of the content that they will teach and that immerse them in the mathematics practices that they will later need to foster with their own students.”

If you are interested in joining us, please sign up at: https://forms.gle/gW19DQQ67LuGtUxt8

We look forward to an exciting night of mathematical discussion.

WI-AMTE Paper Study

On March 11th at 7 PM during our Dynamic Discussion, we are launching a new program.  Using the newest edition of the Mathematics Enthusiast Special Issue: Supporting Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Knowledge and Practices for Teaching Content to Prospective Teach as our guide, we are hosting a series of paper studies on the education of prospective teachers and the professional development of early career teachers.   Given the changes in licensure and the many statewide discussions surrounding this and other issues, now is a prime time to gather and discuss scholarly articles.  These paper studies are relevant to anyone who has a stake in mathematics education including mathematics educators, mathematicians, and practicing and mentor teachers.

The focus papers can be found at https://scholarworks.umt.edu/tme/.  Our first study will focus on the Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Supporting Mathematics Teacher Educators’ Knowledge and Practices for Teaching Content to Prospective (Grades K-8) Teachers to get a scope of the entire issue  and on the Felton-Koestler’s piece Teaching Sociopolitical Issues in Mathematics Teacher Preparation: What do Mathematics Teacher Educators Need to Know?

If you are interested in taking part, please sign up at: https://forms.gle/HuzHAnp3W39GfG6X8 

The meeting itself will be at hosted at:  https://uwmsoe.zoom.us/j/258130643 on March 11 at 7 PM